Konstantin (Kostek) G.S. Hausman, K6MNA

In Remembrance of Konstantin (Kostek) G.S. Hausman:  5/19/1931- 8/31/2017 Kostek was born in Mannheim, Germany and immigrated with his parents and sister Ada to America after WWII as a part of “Operation Paperclip”.  This was a secret program of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, in which more than 1600 German scientist, engineers, and technicians were recruited and brought to the United States for government employment. After arriving in America, he [...]

  • In Remembrance Richard Perkins, W6ATT - SK

Richard Perkins, W6ATT – SK

Dick was born in 1941, and earned his Extra Class license early in life. He had a passion for amateur radio, and joined our club in February 1976. Since day one, Dick was a proactive member, and became Vice President in 1978 and President in 1979. After that time, he wanted to give other members the opportunity to lead, so he graciously stepped down and ran for a Council seat [...]