If you are already a member of South Bay Amateur Radio Club, please login or create an account.

Thank you for considering membership in the South Bay Amateur Radio Club. We have regular club meetings once a month on the 3rd Thursday at 7:00pm. Club meetings generally include a guest speaker that talks about something interesting going on with amateur radio, but we also have talks on electronics and computer innovations as well. We meet at the Torrance Memorial Hospital, usually in the Health Conference Center building. Check the Events page for the latest information.

Our major Ham events include Field Day, Torrance Armed Forces Day Parade, and other charity events. We also have regular social activities including a monthly lunch on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Again, please review the Events page for the most current information.

We have three types of membership:

  1. Regular – Membership for one person. $15 annually.
  2. Associate – Membership for Husband & Wife. $30 annually.
  3. Family – Membership for Husband & Wife and kids. $30 annually.

Note: During elections or club decisions, the family membership only gets one vote. For associate members, both the husband and wife each get a vote. Regular members get one vote.

If you are interested in joining our club, fill out the membership application form (Membership Form), mail in payment and confirmation will be sent once processing is complete.

Membership Application Form


For legal reasons, we require hand signature(s) on the club membership form. Applications with an electronic signature cannot be accepted. Sorry about the legalese.

Once completed, mail your application to the following address:

SBARC Membership
P.O. Box 536
Torrance, CA 90508-0536

Thank you,

The SBARC Club