The club has held its annual Christmas dinner in the Torrance Memorial Medical Center (TMMC) meeting room for the last several years.  It consisted of a pot luck dinner and an awards ceremony.  At each of these dinners, we all brought a potted poinsettia plant to adorn the tables.  When the evening was over, we would leave the plants with the hospital to brighten up the halls and nurses stations for the rest of the holiday season.

This year we are having our dinner in a local restaurant, and there were to be no poinsettias for the hospital.  We decided to take up a collection for flowers so we could donate them to the hospital. We had an excellent response to this due to the generosity of our members (you).  We collected enough to negotiate an excellent price from the local OSH store.  This allowed us to purchase even more flowers – we nearly filled the back of my truck.  We ended up with 30 beautiful large (6 inch pot) healthy plants.

Paul (KK6BY) and I picked them up this morning and delivered them to TMMC.  When we dropped them off the volunteers were delighted to receive them.

I wish to pass on a very special thanks to all who chipped in for this.  This will help brighten a hallway, and hopefully put a smile on a few faces.

Merry Christmas to all!!!


K6CSH – Chuck