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Ham radio is a multifaceted hobby.  Whenever you find yourself starting to get bored, another facet shows itself, and off you go.  Contesting is one of the main ham radio activities.  It boosts your technical knowledge and improves your radio operating skills.  If you like to collect things, then contesting may be for you – you can collect awards like Worked All States.  The Worked All States (WAS) Award is available to all amateurs worldwide who submit proof with written confirmation of contacts with each of the 50 states of the United States of America.  See the ARRL page for more information:  There are numerous awards out there, and WAS is just one of them.

There are phone contests, CW contests, you name it.  The monthly ARRL Contest Corral Calendar is published in the QST magazine for those who are members, or you can find the schedule online – see our amateur radio links page for additional information.  Check with Ray, WA6OWM, for upcoming CW contests.

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JOTA 2017

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The club supported the annual Jamboree on the air (JOTA) Boy Scout event on October 21, 2017 this year. The day dawned pleasant and I headed out for the Cabrillo Youth center about 7:30 AM. [...]